Build A Team

Form a team as a way to model your organization’s dedication to education, to promote fitness, health and wellness and to encourage involvement in the community.

teamphoto3HOW TO FORM A TEAM

  1. Pick a team captain.
  2. Choose a team name.
  3. Captains click on “Register Now” and fill in the required information.
  4. Type in the team name where appropriate.
  5. Recruit team members and publicize your team name so people join the right team.


  1. Click on “Register Now.”
  2. Register yourself as a participant and fill in the required information.
  3. Select your team from the drop-down menu. There is only one name per team. So make sure to join the right one!


  1. Hold an informal meeting.
  2. Write an article in your company’s or organization’s newsletter or post the event on the community calendar.
  3. Prominently display race fliers or posters.
  4. Set up a race registration table in your cafeteria or lunch room.


  1. Come up with a team theme or slogan.
  2. Hold a pep rally, a kickoff breakfast or a post-event lunch or afternoon get-together to celebrate your team’s success.
  3. Hold training runs with your teammates.
  4. Host a team happy hour an evening leading up to the race.
  5. Wear matching apparel on race day.
  6. Take a team photo at the event and publish it post race to celebrate your team’s hard work and to recognize your school’s or organization’s dedication to serving the community and supporting education.

We also encourage others to form teams to represent a company, running club or other organization. Last year runners formed teams in memory of loved ones, to renew fitness resolutions, to build team or company camaraderie, or to celebrate birthdays, pending nuptials or other milestones in life. They designed custom race shirts. They dressed in costumes. They had a blast!


  • Team of 25 or more: name listing on the event website.
  • Team of 25 or more: Team name listing on sponsorship signage, which will hang at the event and at Valley Elementary after the event.
  • Team of 25 or more: Option to provide an item and/or coupon for the virtual swag given to participants.
  • Team of 25 or more: Complimentary exhibit space at the event.
  • Team of 50 or more: race shirt featuring your team name.